yeah i guess. and there aren’t a lot of direct translations in the same way. this is getting my spanish better but i worry it’s gonna mess up my chinese, i’ll go into class like

Yeah, when I took Latin and we had to do translations, my mind would always jump to the French word first. It’s been so long since I’ve done anything but French, though.

27 seconds ago on 19 Apr 2014
ugh i wish they had hebrew because my hebrew is going down the drain, fast. you got me started on my spanish again which is a problem/ i wish they had chinese bc i really wanna get better at chinese! i think i’ll get through spanish then do german

Hebrew might be hard to implement just because of the different alphabet (which wouldn’t be a problem for me obviously even if I have to sound things out like a three-year-old). Same with Chinese, I guess.

I’m planning on trying out Italian after this, because I took two years of Latin awhile back, so hopefully it won’t feel too unfamiliar to me? And then will see how that goes.

♥ 3 — 12 minutes ago on 19 Apr 2014
it doesn’t have any of my languages :( i might go back and do more spanish tho

Yeah, I’m planning on working my way through some of the languages I don’t know (since all I really know at all other than English is French, which is a language where I… kind of know all the basic/vocab grammar already) at some point.

♥ 1 — 21 minutes ago on 19 Apr 2014

Okay, duolingo is super addictive.

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Warehouse 13 Tropes Pete Lattimer
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buffy meme - characters (2/5)

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God, Myka, just pick one.  Stop being greedy.

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"Well, if it protects the Warehouse, I like it already. What is it?"

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2x01 vs 5x01, meeting HG Wells and Lisa da Vinci

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